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Dated: March 22 2013

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I often speak to people who say to me you have the best job, you get to see people's property all day long! I love to look at property!

I never tell them that selling real estate isn't as glamorous as it seems! I was reminded again of this comment the other day when my husband and partner, Mike recounted his recent house showing experience.

Let me first say that Mike isn't a big dog person.  He tolerates our dogs but has never embraced the whole idea of taking care of dogs. So let me paint the picture.

Mike is dressed professionally in a white button down shirt, fresh from the cleaners, his $100 designer jeans and loafers.  He arrives at the home with a lovely couple with a 4 year old. He opens the door and all are immediately hit with a foul smell and the sound of a small dog barking behind one of the doors 

So Mike being the consumate professional, starts showing the couple around. As is common when children are in tow, the little one is running around opening closets and doors.  As Mike begins to describe the neighborhood, property etc., he hears a small shreik of excitement and sure enough the child has opened the door to the room the dog is being kept and out runs a small puppy.  Now if you remember how your own puppy behaved after being locked in a room for who knows how long you know what happened next.

The puppy, excited to see people runs directly over to Mike and urinates on his shoe! Trying not to loose control of the situation Mike tries to ignore it, thinking he will get it before he closes up the house. At this point however the dog has defecated on the rug and to make matters worse, the child has stepped in it and is tracking it through the house!

Remember, Mike is not a dog person... (did I mention that?) and this is his worst nightmare! So Mike tries to wrap up the showing and get the family out, knowing there is another showing immediately after this one and he cant just leave the mess! Not wanting to distress the young couple, he escourts them out of the house, still selling the home.

 He eventually gets them in their car and on their way but is still left with cleaning up the mess left behind in the minutes before the next showing! 

So, as he recounts the story, he is frantically looking for cleaning agents ( not really knowing what he is looking for) and is trying to figure out what to do with the feces he has now collected. In his $100 jeans and expensive loafers, Mike is down on hands and knees scrubbing dog poop off the rug and trying to clean urine off of his shoes! 

I guess you really would have to know Mike to truly appreciate this picture but, to his credit, he did manage to get the mess cleaned up just as the next broker walked through the door with their clients! 

So the next time you think alll realtors do is show property all day, think again! Just a day in the life.....

Post Script - The property went under contract that day! 

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Victoria Jackson and Mike Shuttleworth

The Steamboat Luxury Team -Vicki Jackson and Mike Shuttleworth Vicki Jackson has been a Realtor for 11 + years and comes from a long line of Realtors. She has specialized in luxury resort and ranc....

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